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TOPAZ Liners

SKY linersTrue Blue Performance

Exceptionally inert, Topaz™ inlet liners, with a new state-of-the-art deactivation,improve trace level analysis.

  • Increase accuracy and precision.
  • Lower detection limits.
  • Use wool with confidence.

When faced with complex choices, simple solutions stand out. TOPAZ™ inlet liners from Restek use a comprehensive, state-of-the-art deactivation and are the only blue liners on the market-making them an easy-to-recognize solution to common inlet problems.

The innovative deactivation used for TOPAZ™ liners results in exceptional inertness for a wide range of analyte chemistries. By reducing active sites and enhancing analyte transfer to the column, these liners increase accuracy and precision, allowing lower detection limits for many active compounds. In addition to improved data quality, you’ll benefit from fewer liner changes and less downtime for maintenance.

Selecting the right liner for your application can be a challenging task. TOPAZ™ inlet liners make the choice simple; the comprehensive deactivation, distinctive colour, and availability in popular configurations mean TOPAZ™ liners are the best choice for optimizing chromatographic performance. Regardless of your application, TOPAZ™ liners provide reliable inertness and assured performance, dayafter-day and analysis-after-analysis.