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Overview of MSPE sorbents

Sorbents for the MSPE technique are chosen to cover the widest possible field of applications. MSPE SpeExtra C18 is a hydrophobic type of octadecyl silica gel with a special endcapping. It is suitable for a wide range of analytes, showing lower retention for polar compounds. MSPE SpeExtra C18-P is a polar modified monomeric octadecyl silica gel. It offers different types of interactions: dipole-dipole, π-π and hydrophobic. It is therefore suitable for aromatic and polar compounds. MSPE SpeExtra HLB polymer sorbent with high specific surface area and special endcapping. It has a hydrophilic and lipophilic modification ensuring universal use and a higher capacity than C18 silica gel.

MSPE sorbent Particle size [µm] Specific surface area [m 2 /g]
C18 60 310
C18-P 60 310
HLB 30 850