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MetAmino Sample Preparation Kit

MetAmino Sample Preparation Kit Description

MetAmino® kits offer an easy sample preparation method for your LC-MS or GC-MS analysis. MetAmino® kits incude derivatization reagences and all clean-up accessories to prepare your sample for injection. They elimilate the time consuming sample preparation procedures.

New clean-up procedure uses a special material as the end-step. The other odvantage is that the derivatization procedure enables to extenbd the analyte list.

  • 75 amino acids, polyamines, biogen amines and coensymes
  • 25 minutes (sample preparation and analysis time)
  • Easy sample preparation
  • SPE pipetting step replaced by MSPE
  • No heating needed in the procedure
  • There is no need to use a freezer
  • NIST library for GC/MS available

MetAmino FAQ

What is the type of membrane inside the spin filter?
  • The membrane is made of NYLON material and its porosity is 0.22 µm. Its diameter is optimized for use with a given spin filter.
It is possible to expand the MetAmino® kit with other analytes.
  • Yes, the MetAmino® kit can be further expanded. Contact us with detailed information.
May I use the kit for urine as well?
  • Yes, the MetAmino® kit can be used with urine. The matrix should be without proteins. So, the sample has to be prepared accordingly (centrifugation, filtration).
Can we order the reagents separately?
  • Yes, the entire set of reagents can be ordered under catalog number MAK-5857-L002.
What is the back pressure of the column?
  • The pressure is 380 bars during the beginning of the analysis, at the end it is 200 bars.
Are MRMs for amino acids given in the MetAmino® Kit were made after derivatization of the standards or before?
  • The MRM transitions for AAs given in the kit manual are given as transitions of the AA derivatives and not of the native AA
Should the sample of feed be hydrolyzed before working with the MetAmino® Kit?
  • Precipitation with Precipitation medium (PM) is not an essential step for successful derivatization of the sample. The kit was tested mainly for the analysis of biofluids, which often contain peptides. To avoid their precipitation during derivatization, the precipitation step was included in the sample preparation protocol.
  • A total analysis of the free and peptide-bound amino acids is required. In this case, we would recommend hydrolyzing the sample and then drying the aliquot of hydrolyzed sample under a nitrogen stream or in a speedvac. We would then dissolve the dried residue in 25 µL of deionized water or 0.1M aqueous HCl (better solubility) and follow the procedure in the manual by adding 10 µL of the IS solution.
  • As for the peptide hydrolysis, the additives (phenol, thiodiglycol) in the hydrolysis medium could also be derivatized (although they are probably not visible in the full scan). Therefore, we would simply recommend 6M HCl as the hydrolysis medium.
Can we order a MetAmino® GC/MS sample preparation kit for 400 samples?
  • Not yet, we currently only have a MetAmino® GC/MS sample preparation kit for 100 samples. The kit can be ordered under catalog number MAK-5857-BA01.