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Measurement and Control News

19. 06. 2024

High Temperature Single Stage Pressure Reducing Regulator

The AURA EXT series is designed to control the pressure of gases and liquids at elevated temperatures and ambient process environments as high as 260°C. More information in brochure below.

22. 12. 2023

Indigo520 for process refractometers

Vaisala Polaris combined with Indigo520 offers compelling features for all users and are a standard power couple for applications and installation positions with prism wash system.

Access data and different features through the Indigo520, including data logging, wash control, settings, measurement parameters and Indigo service updates to Indigo520.

The Indigo520 for process refractometers offers versatile system connectivity by two selected analog or digital inputs for process refractometers and other Indigo compatible probes, and four configurable analog outputs to alarm relays, and ModBus TCP/IP digital protocol.

23. 05. 2023

Vaisala Polaris™ process refractometer product family

Vaisala, the pioneering optical inline process refractometer for liquid measurements, has launched new series of products - Polaris.


  • The optical measurement is based on the refractive index (RI
  • Bubbles, particles, or fibers in the process do not affect measurement
  • The outstanding long-term stability provides years of accurate, continuous, fast, and stable measurement for concentration

Vaisala launch details are here. Contact us for more information.

07. 05. 2022

Transmitter Stratos Multi with Ethernet Protocol

Stratos Multi with EtherNet/IP

The new Stratos Multi E471N is the next generation of our proven 4-wire transmitters with a future-proof Industrial Ethernet protocol.

A wide range of measurement and diagnostics data will be transmitted digitally in real time and it can be used for all parameter.

07. 05. 2021

New conductivity sensor made by Knick with Memosens

KnickKnick is preparing a new conductivity toroidal sensor for heavy-duty applications SE 656 N with the Memosens protocol. It will expand the range of digital sensors, which significantly help technologists in places where accurate measurements and poor access to sensor control are required. Y

You will soon find it in our e-shop.