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Dynamic Headspace

Dynamic Headspace (DHS) can be used for a wide range of environmental applications. Pollutants can be detected in drinking water, river water, and waste water. These matrixes include chemicals of different polarity, volatility, such as chlorinated hudrocarbons, aromatics, oxygenates, etc. Dynamic Headspace also can be used for further applications:

  • characterization of spices, herbs, foods, soaps
  • residual monomer and other VOC in polymers
  • residual solvents in food packaging
  • "green label" product testing
  • OVIs in pharmaceutical products
  • trace impurities in active pharmaceuticals ingredients
  • metabolites in biological fluids (aromatic hydrocarbons in urine, benzene in blood)

Principle of dynamic headspace

Analysis steps

  • The vial is inserted into the oven
  • The sample is heated and mixed for a set time

Step 1

  • The vial is pierced by the double needle
  • A flow of inert gas flushes the head-space
  • The stripped compounds are concentrated in the cold trap

Step 2

  • The trap is heated, the analytes desorbed and injected into the GC
  • The "Dew Stop" is cold to trap most of the water
  • The vial is recovered

Step 3

  • The trap and the "Dew Stop" are backed at high temperature

Step 4