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MEPS Phases

MEPS phases


Phase Particle size (µm) Pore Size (A)
Silica 45 60
C2 45 60
C8 45 60
C8+SCX* 45 60
C18 45 60

*C8+SCX BINS are labelled as M1.

The BINs can be used up to 40 - 100 extractions. General preparation time is 1 - 2 minutes.

Micro Extraction by Packed Sorbent (MEPS)

Micro Extraction by Packed SobentMicro Extraction by Packed Sorbent (MEPS) is a new development in the field of sample preparation by Solid Phase Extraction (SPE). MEPS performs the same function as SPE, but with some significant differencies:

  • MEPS works with much smaller sample amount (as small as 10µL) than full scale SPE
  • MEPS can be fully automated – the sample processing, extraction and injection steps are performed on-line using the same syringe
  • MEPS is applicable to GC and LC
  • Significantly reduces the volume of solvents and sample needed

Micro Extraction by Packed Sorbent - BINThe MEPS product consists of two parts, the MEPS Syringe and the MEPS Barrel Insert and Needle Assembly (BIN). The BIN contains the SPE phase, and is built into the syringe needle. The BIN is used with a 100µL or 250µL gas tight MEPS syringe that allows fluid handling at normal SPE pressures. When the BIN is exhausted, or another phase is required, the BIN is easily exchanged by simply unscrewing the locking nut and removing/replacing the BIN.