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Gas detection news

01. 12. 2023

Gastec - new range for Acetaldehyde

Company GASTEC is pleased to announce that we have launched a new Acetaldehyde detector tube No.92LA. The measuring range is 0.3 – 30 ppm, and lower range is measurable with this new detector tube compared to our existing Acetaldehyde detector tubes.

06. 10. 2023

Gastec - new tubes

Company Gastec still improve and create new detection tubes for measuring dangerous chemical.
There are several new tubes:
Methyl tert-butyl ether - cat. number 810-166
Methyl isothiocyanate - cat. number 810-234L
Ethyl mercaptan - cat. number 810-72LN

If you need, asked us for more information on e-mail: detekce@chromservis.eu

23. 08. 2021

Real-Time Dust Monitoring

We would like to inform you that we will now offer an instant dust and aerosol measuring device from TSI - the well-known¨DustTrack DustTrak device for many customers.

You can download the information catalog for the devices by clicking on the image.

20. 11. 2020

New website about detection

If you are interested in gas detection devices and information about news from this industry, please visit our new website https://www.detekceplynu.cz (only in Czech). We are preparing new articles for you here and we will be happy to answer your questions here.

IR max

21. 04. 2020

O2 measuring

19. 08. 2019

Honeywell/RAE Systems PID detectors - improvements

We would like to inform you about improvement of Honeywell RAE Systems PID detectors. These are MiniRAE Lite, MiniRAE 3000MiniRAE 3000, ppbRAE 3000 and UltraRAE 3000.

RAE měřeníThe manufacturer has added a module BLE module (Bluetooth Low Energy) and created an application for smart mobile phones.

You can download the application to your mobile device, where you will go all the measured data online via Ble module. You can take a photo of the measurement location and add it there, and after the measurement, make a note report and email it.

09. 04. 2019

Fixed detector Xgard Bright

Xgard Bright Detector

Description: https://www.chromservis.eu/media/0/01_obrazky/Crowcon_Xgard_ Bright_WEB.jpg

  • same case as other Xgard
  • OLED detectors display showing measured value
  • electrical outputs 4 - 20 mA, RS-485 Modbus, HART (optional)
  • relay - alarm, error
  • 4-wire, addressable (installation cost reduction)

22. 08. 2017

GT 40 Gas monitor for 7 applications

GT 40 Series (GMI) offers measuring ppm, %LEL, %Vol methane gas as standard, with combinations including O2, CO and H2S.

  • Manual and automatic datalogging
  • Loud audible and high visual ‘ticker’(Geiger) on ppm range
  • Integral flashlight
  • Alkaline or rechargeable battery options
  • Charging via simple power cable or docking station
  • Rugged polycarbonate case, sealed to IP54

Look at this detector in section Gas measurement.