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Sample loading in Flash chromatography

Liquid or solid, with small or large sample volumes: because your challenges are just as varied as your injections, we offer multiple possibilities for optimisation, to guarantee you the best results day after day.

Dry Load & Accessories

So far only available in a disposable plastic version, the Dry Loads are now also available in a stainless steel version. These are reusable and also have the advantage of greater resistance to pressure.
With the stainless steel Dry Loads, you can carry out solid injections on a preparative column and in flash column applications where the maximum pressure resistance of a plastic Dry Load would be insufficient.

Injection loops

Thanks to our range covering volumes from 100 μl to 50 mL, there is always an injection loop suited to your needs.


Automate your injections with our autosampler and increase your performance tenfold. The puriFlash® AS-1 allows the injection of samples from 500 µl to 500 mL, with an automated cleaning of the transfer tubes between each injection. The injection is managed by a sample queue on InterSoft software. The autosampler xan be equiped with 6-way or 10-way electric valve.

One rack/slot offers capacities fo the test tubes/bottles up to 250 mL and custom racks.

Injection pumpInjection Pump

When the quantity of product to be injected becomes important and when having to use a syringe and multiply the injections for a single purification becomes constraining, the injection pump is the ideal tool. You just have to prime the pump with the product and then launch the method. It’s as easy as that!