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(proprietary Crossbond® diphenyl/dimethyl polysiloxane phase )GC column

  • Application-specific columns for volatile organic pollutants.

Rtx®-Volatiles columns were the first columns designed specifically for analyses of the 34 volatile organic pollutants listed in US EPA methods 601, 602, and 624. With these columns, you can quantify all compounds listed in these methods, whether you use a mass spectrometer or a PID in tandem with an ELCD. The diphenyl/dimethyl polysiloxane based Rtx®-Volatiles stationary phase provides low bleed and thermal stability to 280°C. Narrow bore columns can interface directly in GC/MS systems.

  • Volatile organic pollutants
Temperature limits
ID (mm) df(µm) Temperature limits (°C)
0.25 1.00 -20 to 270/280
0.32 1.50 -20 to 270/280
0.53 2.00 -20 to 270/280