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(proprietary Crossbond® phase )GC column

  • Application-specific columns for volatile organic pollutants by GC/PID/ELCD. Excellent separation of trihalomethanes.
  • Complete US EPA Method 8021A analysis in less than 28 minutes.
  • Restek exclusive phase.

Using computer modeling techniques, we optimized the Rtx®-VGC column for analysis of volatile organic compounds on GC systems equipped with photoionization (PID) and electrolytic conductivity detectors (ELCD). It performs the most difficult separations of volatile organic compounds, such as those listed in US EPA Methods 502.2 and 8021, providing unsurpassed separation in the fastest analysis time, thereby increasing sample throughput. The Rtx®-VGC column provides >=85% resolution of trihalomethanes (THMs) from other volatile compounds. This unique column also achieves excellent separation of gases and early eluting compounds.

  • Volatile organic pollutants
Temperature limits
ID (mm) df(µm) Temperature limits (°C)
0.18 1.00 -40 to 240/260
0.25 1.40 -40 to 240/260
0.32 1.50 -40 to 240/260
0.45 2.55 -40 to 240/260
0.53 3.00 -40 to 240/260