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  • Application-specific columns for blood alcohol analysis.
  • GC columnRtx®-BAC2 confirmation column provides four elution order changes under the same conditions

These columns separate to baseline all blood alcohol compounds in blood, breath, or urine, in less than 3 minutes, under isothermal conditions. Isothermal analysis increases productivity by eliminating the need for oven cycling. Confirmation is easily achieved with this tandem set because there are four elution order changes between the two columns.

  • Blood alcohol analysis
  • Abused inhalant anesthetics
  • y-hydroxybutyrate (GHB)/y-butyrolactone (GBL)
  • Glycols
  • Common industrial solvents
Teplotní limity
ID (mm) df(µm) Teplotní limity (°C)
0.32 1.20 -20 až 240/260
0.53 2.00 -20 až 240/260