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(proprietary Crossbond® diphenyl/dimethyl polysiloxane phase)GC column

  • Application-specific columns with unique selectivity for volatile organic pollutants. The Rtx®-502.2 column is cited in US EPA Method 502.2 and in many gasoline range organics (GRO) methods for monitoring underground storage tanks.
  • Excellent separation of trihalomethanes; ideal polarity for light hydrocarbons and aromatics.

An Rtx®-502.2 column will enable you to quantify all compounds listed in US EPA methods 502.2 or 524.2, whether you use a mass spectrometer or a PID in tandem with an ELCD. The diphenyl/dimethyl polysiloxane based Rtx®-502.2 stationary phase provides low bleed and thermal stability to 270°C. A 105-meter column can separate the light gases specified in EPA methods without subambient cooling. Narrow bore columns can interface directly in GC/MS systems.

  • Volatile organic pollutants
Temperature limits
ID (mm) df(µm) Temperature limits (°C)
0.18 1.00 -40 to 240/260
0.25 1.40 -40 to 240/260
0.32 1.50 -40 to 240/260
0.45 2.55 -40 to 240/260
0.53 3.00 -40 to 240/260