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Rt-Msieve 5A Plot Columns

(Molecular sieve 5A)Plot Columns

Rt™-Msieve 5A PLOT columns are designed for efficient separation of Ar/O2 and other permanent gases, including CH5, C2H6, and CO. Special coating and deactivation procedures ensure chromatographic efficiency and the integrity of the porous layer coating. The high surface area of the Rt™-Msieve is generated by the pore structure present in the molecular sieve. Only compounds that can enter the pores will be exposed to this surface and will be retained. Molecular sieves have very high retention, allowing separations of permanent gases at temperatures above ambient. Additionally, Restek’s unique immobilization process guarantees that the uniform particles remain adhered to the tubing - even after continuous valve-cycling.

The deactivation technology also allows the CO peak to elute as a sharp peak. This is in contrast with other suppliers where CO often tails badly and cannot be quantified below % levels.

  • Permanent gas analysis
  • Separation of Ar/O2 and H2/He at ambient temperature or above
  • He, Ne, Ar, O2, Xe, Rn, SF6, CH4, C2H6, CO
  • Refinery or natural gas
Temperature limits
ID (mm) df(µm) Temperature limits (°C)
0.32 30.0 to 300
0.53 50.0 to 300