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(90% biscyanopropyl/10% phenylcyanopropyl polysiloxane - not bonded)GC column

  • Highly polar phase.
  • Equivalent to USP G48 phase.

Rt™-2330 is one of the most polar capillary column stationary phases. Cyano groups on both sides of the polymer backbone give the phase a strong dipole moment and high selectivity for cis/trans compounds or compounds with conjugated double bonds. Highly polar columns typically exhibit poor column efficiencies, high bleed, and short column lifetimes when thermally cycled. To overcome some of these problems, Restek developed a surface treatment that is more compatible with the Rt™-2330 phase. In addition, improved polymer produces columns with improved column efficiency and lower bleed. Because the Rt™-2330 stationary phase is not bonded, it should not be solvent rinsed.

  • cis/trans FAMEs
  • Dioxin isomers
Temperature limits
ID (mm) df(µm) Temperature limits (°C)
0.25 0.10 0 to 260/275
0.25 0.20 0 to 260/275
0.32 0.10 0 to 260/275
0.32 0.20 0 to 260/275
0.53 0.10 0 to 260/275
0.53 0.20 0 to 260/275