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ProteCol Phase

ProteCol - a revolution in Nano / Capillary LC

Incorporating columns, unions, tubing, splitters and filters, every component of ProteCol has been designedspecifically for Capillary LC. ProteCol can provide you with a complete Capillary LC solution, or individual components of ProteCol can be incorporated into your existing system.

  • Performance Plus: The peak broadening effect of dead volume and total swept volume is much more significant in Capillary LC compared to conventional LC. The entire ProteCol range has been specifically designed as a 'zero dead volume' system to give you the highest possible resolution and efficiency, therefore maximizing the advantages of Capillary LC.
  • Ease of Use: A key to the success of the ProteCol system is the ease with which zero dead volume connections can be made between columns, tubing and all accessories.
  • Versatility: ProteCol columns, unions and accessories are designed to be used together as a complete system, or can be individually incorporated into your existing capillary LC setup.
  • Flexibility: With a variety of columns, unions, and tubing sizes, ProteCol adapts to suit your own requirements.

Nanovolume columnsNanovolume generally refers to components with bore sizes less than 250 µm (0.010''). The minimal transfer volume contributed by nanovolume components makes them especially beneficial with flow rates in the µL/min range, when the transfer volume can be critical.

Maximum performance

The core of any separation system is the column. ProteCol columns are designed specifically for Nano and Capillary LC. The column body is integrated with the connection tubing, both of which are made from inert fused silica lined PEEK™ tubing, giving a robust and flexible column.

The connection tubing is available in 1/16" and 1/32" outer diameter, and is supplied with precisely square cut and polished ends for easy zero dead volume connections. To minimize post column broadening, ProteCol columns are supplied with a short 100mm outlet tail. ProteCol columns are available in a variety of lengths, ID's and packings.

The most commonly used packing material is C18 modified silica, 3μm particles, which offers a high resolution while allowing the use of shorter columns. Typical pore sizes are 120Å for small molecules (pharmaceutical drugs and small peptides) and 300Å for larger molecules (large peptides and small proteins). Ideal for applications in Proteomics and Drug Discovery.

More details about ProteCol products are available here.