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PinnacleDB Phase

Pinnacle™ DB C18 1.9µm, 3µm & 5µm Columns (USP L1)

Highly base-deactivated spherical silica manufactured by Restek. Monomeric C18 bonding. Hydrophobic C18 phase suitable for analyses of a wide range of compounds, from acidic through slightly basic.

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Picture 1 - particle size distribution in UHPLC columns Pinnacle DB

Particle distribution in ULC columns

Pinnacle™ DB Aqueous C18 1.9µm, 3µm & 5µm Columns (USP L1)

Highly selective phase for polar analytes. Compatible with highly aqueous (up to 100%) mobile phases.Temperature limit: 80°C.

Pinnacle™ DB C8 1.9µm, 3µm & 5µm Columns (USP L7)

Highly base-deactivated spherical silica. Monomeric C8 bonding. Similar to Pinnacle DB C18, but the shorter alkyl chain provides less hydrophobic retention. Less retention can be useful for shortening analysis time, if resolution is adequate.

Pinnacle™ DB Cyano 1.9µm & 5µm Columns (USP L10)

Highly base-deactivated spherical silica with cyano bonding. Suitable for analyses of a wide range of compounds, from acidic through slightly basic. Also useful for confirmation of analyses on a C18 or C8 column. Can be used in normal phase or reversed phase mode of separation.

Pinnacle™ DB PFP Propyl 1.9µm, 3µm & 5µm Columns (USP L43)

Pinnacle DB PFP Propyl is a unique pentafluorophenyl phase with a propyl spacer, and uses a highly base-deactivated spherical silica. This highly base-deactivated packing exhibits excellent peak shapes for a wide range of compounds, including nucleosides, nucleotides, and halogenated compounds.

Pinnacle™ DB Biphenyl 1.9µm, 3µm & 5µm Columns (USP L11)

Pinnacle™ DB Biphenyl is a unique reversed phase material that displays both increased retention and selectivity for aromatic and/or unsaturated compounds when compared to conventional alkyl and phenyl phases. An excellent choice for the analysis of steroids, tetracyclines, drug metabolites, and other compounds that contain some degree of unsaturation.

Pinnacle™ DB Silica 1.9µm, 3µm & 5µm Columns (USP L3)

Highly base-deactivated spherical silica manufactured by Restek. Useful for normal phase separations.

Pinnacle™ DB IBD 1.9µm Columns

An intrinsically base-deactivated (IBD) phase, containing a polar group within, or intrinsic to, the hydrocarbon bonded phase. Unique selectivity and a high level of base deactivation, while reducing or eliminating the need for mobile phase additives.

Pinnacle™ DB PAH 1.9µm Columns

Complete resolution of EPA 610 PAHs in less than 4 minutes. Greatly reduces run times, increasing sample throughput. Specifically designed to resolve complex mixtures of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

Pinnacle™ DB X3 C18 1.9µm Columns

Higher stability in acidic and highly aqueous conditions. Greater retention of hydrophilic compounds. A dense trifunctionally bonded C18 alkyl phase for reversed phase separations

Pinnacle™ DB Small Particle HPLC Columns, 1.9µm

Ruggedness and reproducibility are guaranteed, as Restek control every step in the process, from base silica to bonded phase to final packed column. The silica particles are classified and selected to give an exceptionally tight distribution around 1.9µm, while eliminating <1µm particles that can contribute to a poorly packed bed. Highly base-deactivated Pinnacle DB stationary phases are an excellent choice when analyzing a wide range of compounds, from acidic to basic. To optimize your ultra high pressure HPLC methods, reach for Restek small particle HPLC columns!