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GC/MS TOF technology

Master TOF Why choose the Fast GC/MS technique?

The requirements of laboratories are constantly increasing and their main interest is:

  • fast analyzes (higher capacity and therefore efficiency & lower analysis costs)
  • low detection limits (due to the requirements of new methods)
  • high data quality associated with increasingly complex matrices

Multidimensional (comprehensive) GC technique, i.e. GCxGC/MS has huge advantages precisely for complex samples, where standard quadrupole systems fail both due to their speed and their limitations in the area of sensitivity in the full m/z range. Many real samples in the work have already shown that additional compounds that were not identified and misinterpreted by the standard GC/MS technique were detected in control analyzes by GCxGC/MS.

Master GCxGC/MS-TOF Description of GC/MS-TOF

TOF vs. quadrupole analyzer