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Carbotrap X

Parameter Characteristics
Sorbent strength/type medium/strong carbon black
Specific surface area approx. 240 m2/g
Approx. analyte volatility range n-C3/4 to n-C6/7 (BP 50 to 150°C)
Example analytes light hydrocarbons, 1,3-butadiene, benzene (for 2-week exposure)
Sorbent maximum temperature > 400°C
Recommended conditioning temperature 350 to 400°C
Recommended desorption temperature 350 to 400°C ((but below conditioning temperature where possible)

Further information

  • hydrofobic
  • minimal inherent artifacts (<0.1 ng)
  • some activitity due to trace metals in the charcoal raw materials used for sorbent production
  • friable - susceptible to fines formation when mechanically shocked. Avoid dropping tubes containing these sorbents
  • compressable - overpacking can result in high impedance and adverseley affect pump sampling flows
  • sorbent maximum temperature must not be exceeded as sorbent will breakdown and vapourise and may contaminate your flowpath
  • 40/60 mesh is the recommended mesh size for sorbent tubes and traps
  • recommended to re-pack tubes after 200 thermal cycles