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Agilent S/SL inlet seal improvment

Dual Vespel Ring SealWasherless, Leak-Tight Seal for Agilent GCs ensures better tightness and easier handling than original part.

  • Prevents oxygen from permeating the carrier gas, increasing column lifetime.
  • Vespel® ring in top surface reduces operator variability by requiring minimal torque to seal.
  • Vespel® ring in bottom surface simplifies installation—eliminates the washer.

In Agilent split/splitless injection ports, it can be difficult to make and maintain a good seal with a conventional metal inlet disk. The metal-to-metal seal dictates that you apply considerable torque to the reducing nut, and, based on our testing, this does not ensure a leak-tight seal. Over the course of oven temperature cycling, metal seals are prone to leaks, which ultimately can degrade the capillary column and cause other analytical difficulties.

Agilent and Restek seal tightness comparison


Patented Dual Vespel® Ring Inlet Seal (Restek) greatly improves injection port performance—it stays sealed, even after repeated temperature cycles, without retightening the reducing nut| This seal features two soft Vespel® rings, one embedded in its top surface and the other embedded in its bottom surface. These rings eliminate the need for a washer, and ensure very little torque is needed to make a leak-tight seal. The rings will not harm the critical seal in the injector body, or any other surface, and are outside the sample flow path. Tests using a high sensitivity helium leak detector show Dual Vespel® Ring Inlet Seals will seal equally effectively at torques from 5 in. lb. to 60 in. lb.

Why trust a metal-to-metal seal when you can make leak-tight seals quickly and easily—and more reliably—without a washer, with a Restek Dual Vespel® Ring Inlet Seal. Use a stainless steel seal for analyses of unreactive compounds. To reduce breakdown and adsorption of active compounds, use a gold-plated or Siltek®-treated seal. The gold surface offers better inertness than untreated stainless steel. Siltek® treatment provides inertness similar to that of a fused silica capillary column.

Seal options

  • Stainless Steel
  • Gold plated
  • Siltek deactivated