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Aalborg - rotameters

Rotameters (Variable Area Flow Meters) Rotameters


  • model P single flow tube meters
  • model T single flow tube PTFE meters
  • model S single tube meters
  • model V brass or stainless steel medium range
  • model V PTFE medium range meters
  • model F in line PTFE flow meters
  • KIT flow meter
  • model Px multiple flow tube meters
  • model Tx multiple flow tube PTFE meters
  • model G gas proportioner meter
  • model xV brass or stainless steel medium range
  • model M industrial flow meters
  • model L PTFE-PFA flow meters

Analyzers - Teledyne Analytical Instruments

Below you will find Teledyne Analytical Instruments Gas Analyzer Data Sheets.

For example, Teledyne offers the following measurements and measurement principles:

  • measuring oxygen from trace amounts up to volume percentages using electrochemical, paramagnetic or zirconia cells.
  • CO / CO2 / CH4 / NO / SO2 measurement using infrared technology

Here you can download the datasheets for each analyzer:

  • the 3000TA model - a table analyzer with trace oxygen (0 - 10 to 0 - 10,000 ppm)
  • Instatrans XD - a 2-wire current loop 4-20 mA for both trace and oxygen based Sensor Selection (0 - 10 ppm to 0 - 25%)
  • Model 3000PA - Volume Analyzer - Volume% Oxygen Analyzer (0 - 1% to 0 - 100%)
  • Model 3000MA - Table Paramagnetic Volume Oxygen Analyzer %)
  • model 3190/3290 - panel analyzer for trace and volume% oxygen depending on sensor selection (0 - 10 ppm to 0 - 25%)
  • model 3300 - panel analyzer for trace and volume% oxygen depending on sensor selection (0 - 10 ppm up to 0 - 25%)
  • model 3110 - portable trace and volume% oxygen analyzer depending on sensor selection (0 - 10 ppm to 0 - 25%)

Argolab Ultrasonic baths

Ultrasonic bathsNew Argolab ultrasonic baths are available in analogue or digital version. You will find more details in the datasheet. Click at the picture for download.

Armar Chemicals

Armar ChemicalsArmar Chemicals issued new catalogue. You will find NMR solvents, deuterated compounds, reference standards, NMR tubes, ampoules and bottles there. Just click at the picture to download the catalogue.


Cannabis Testing

New catalog about Cannabis Testing is here. You can download it by clicking at the picture. Cannabis Testing

Chiral ART columns

A new family of chiral products is announced by YMC, designed to be competitively positioned against Daicel columns, specifically with regard to pricing. In addition – and typical of YMC – preparative grades are available in large quantities. Click at the picture to download brochures.

Chiron - catalog

Chiron is a leading producer and supplier of advanced chemical products for use within research and analysis. Chiron is a global leader in the synthesis, isolation and purification of analytical reference materials for analysis of petroleum, food safety, environmental, forensic, and pharmaceutical applications.

Chiron has in portfolio of over 10 000 unique products, with many patented products and applications, and new inventions continually under development.

Product catalogs

CIL - Brominated Flame Retardants

CIL - Brominated Flame RetardantsGenerally used as flame retardants, Brominated Diphenyl Ethers (BDEs) have become chemicals of significant environmental concern. BDEs are persistent and highly lipophilic substances, similar to well-known environmental contaminants such as PCBs. Flame retardants highlight the need to develop risk assessments about chemicals meant to protect us and the effect of their exposure to humans and the environment. CIL first synthesized 13C-BDEs in the 1980s as part of the earliest PBDD / PBDF analytical program.

  • Isotope Labeled Brominated Diphenyl Ether (BDE) Standards
  • U.S. EPA Method 1614 Standard Mixtures
  • RoHS BDE Standard Mixtures
  • Brominated Flame Retardant Standards and Standard Mixtures
  • Isotope labeled and Unlabeled BDE Metabolites

CIL - deuterated solvents and reagents

CIL - deuterated solventsThe catalogue includes Deuterated Solvents,Reagents & Accessories for NMR and Synthetic Applications. Clock on the picture to open the brochure.

  • NMR Solvents
  • NMR Reference Standards
  • NMR Tubes
  • qNMR
  • NMR Protein Standards
  • Deuterated Detergents
  • Deuterated Buffers
  • Synthetic Intermediates

CIL - Environmental Contaminant Standards

CIL - Environmental StandardsAugust 2010 marks the beginning of CIL’s 30th year in business. Over the past 30 years CIL has been
a partner and responsive supporter of the world’s leading ultra-trace analytical laboratories.
From Europe to North America to Asia, whenever a major environmental contamination problem has
occurred, CIL has been ready to help with the analytical standards critical to the task of defining and
resolving the problem.

From the earliest days of Dioxin releases in Seveso, Italy; Times Beach, Missouri; Love Canal; and
Binghamton, New York, to the recent Melamine contaminations in China, CIL people and products
have been available to help and make possible detailed, accurate analysis of each problem.
CIL and our partners at Cerilliant Corporation developed the first fully 13C-Labeled set of all 17 Toxic
PCDD and PCDF Isomers. Following that important milestone, CIL organized the first International
Round Robin Study in 1987 to produce consensus values for all 17 isomers. Through the years, CIL
has pioneered the development of isotope-labeled standards for a wide variety of the most important
environmental contaminants, including PCBs, PAHs, Chlorinated Cyclodiene Pesticides and recently,
COREXIT® 9500, the dispersant widely used in the Gulf of Mexico oil release.

CIL continues to be the world leader in production and distribution of isotope labeled and unlabeled
standards for trace analysis. We look forward to continuing our tradition of strong support and
service to the world’s analytical community for many years to come.

New standards

  • New Dioxin, PCB, and BDE Cocktails
  • New Matrix PE Reference Materials
  • New High Purity PCB Standards
  • New Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Product Standards
  • New Food and Drinking Water Contaminant Standards
  • New Perfluorinated Compound Standards
  • New Phthalate and Phthalate Metabolite Standards
  • New Steroid and Hormone Standards
  • New Pesticides and Pesticide Metabolite Standards and Cocktails
  • New Toxaphene Standards and Cocktails
  • New POPs Pesticides Cocktails
  • New “Esoteric” Unlabeled Standards

Click on the picture to open the catalogue.

CIL - PCB Standards and Standard Mixtures

CIL- PCB Standards and Standard MixturesThis brochure includes following PCB standards:

  • Unlabeled “Certified” PCB Standards
  • Isotope Labeled PCB Standards
  • “High Purity” PCB Standards
  • CEN Method EN-1948-4 PCB Standard Mixtures
  • Comprehensive Native PCB Mixtures
  • Mixed Bromo/Chloro Biphenyl Standards

Klick on the picture to open the brochure.

CIL - Pesticide and Chemical Weapon Standards

CIL - Pesticide and Chemical Weapon StandardsEssential to agricultural productivity and general pest control, many pesticides have been found to be toxic to humans and
animals, and as such have been banned from use in numerous countries. The Stockholm Convention has focused worldwide attention on analysis of the most toxic pesticides. CIL promotes the development of new isotope-labeled legacy and “new use” pesticides to support laboratories using IDMS for the most accurate analytical results.

This brochure includes:

  • Organochlorine Pesticide Standards
  • Chlorinated Cyclodiene Pesticide Standards
  • Organophosphate (OP), Pyrethroid and Carbamate Pesticides
  • Triazine Herbicide and Metabolite Standards
  • Toxaphene Standards
  • Chemical Weapon Metabolite Standards

CIL - Polychlorinated Dioxin and Furan Individual Standards

CIL - Dioxin and Furan Individual StandardsDioxins and Furans are organic pollutants that can be found as byproducts in commercial organochloride pesticide formulations, chlorine-bleached pulp and paper products, and incineration of organic material in the presence of chlorine. Dioxins are persistent in the environment, bioaccumulate in humans and animals, and are suspected to be teratogenic,
mutagenic, and carcinogenic.

Click on the picture to open the catalogue.

CIL - Polychlorinated Dioxin and Furan Method Standards and Mixtures

CIL - Polychlorinated Dioxin and Furan Standards and MixturesThis brochure includes:

  • U.S. EPA, JIS, and CEN Dioxin and Furan Method Standard Mixtures
  • Dioxin and Furan plus PCB Standard Mixtures
  • Non-2,3,7,8-Containing Standard Mixtures
  • Two Column Dioxin and Furan Standard Mixtures
  • Expanded PBDD/F Standards and Standard Mixtures

Adding to our list of firsts in the field of dioxin and furan reference standards, CIL is pleased to announce the availability of
the first dioxin and furan standards manufactured under ISO/ IEC 17025 and ISO Guide 34 accreditation.

CIL - Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH)

CIL - Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH)Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, in cooperation with Cerilliant Corporation, is pleased to offer 13C-labeled Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs), as a superior alternative to deuterated standards. Although CIL has traditionally produced high-quality deuterated PAH analogs, some analysts have observed back-exchange of proton for deuterium under harsh extraction conditions and in certain matrices. If precise quantitation is required, or complete recovery information is needed, the non-exchangeable 13C isotope label is the right standard to use.

Click on the picture to open the brochure.

CIL - Stable Isotopes for Mass Spectrometry

CIL Stable Isotopes for Mass Spectrometry

Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc. (CIL) recognizes the need to provide high-quality internal standards to aid in the development of robust methods suitable for use in exploratory research to clinical care. This diverse catalog of stable isotope-labeled products ranges from small molecule standards to complete proteomic solutions. Products are manufactured and tested to meet the highest quality chemical and isotopic purity specifications commercially available, allowing researchers and clinicians to focus on what really matters – improving patient care.
The advantages of using stable isotopes include:
•  Achieve absolute quantitation
•  Improve accuracy and precision
•  Reduce analytical and technical variation
•  Improve method transferability
•  Increase identification confidence


Click on the picture to open the brochure.

CONCOA - Brochures of regulators

CONCOA is a manufacturer and supplier of regulators and stations. Pressure Differential Switchovers with accessories

Below you can download individual sheets of different series.

Single-stage regulator:

Dual stage regulator:

Crowcon - datasheets

Crowcon is a manufacturer and supplier of gas detectors and control panels.   Detector T4

You can download product-specific datasheets below (by clicking on the device name):

Portable Detectors:

  • Gasman - Personal single channel detector
  • T4 - personal four-channel diffusion detector
  • GasPro TK - personal four-channel detector - diffuse or with pump
  • GasPro - personal five channel detector - diffuse or with pump

Fixed Detectors:

  • Xgard - With electrochemical sensors, pellistors and TCD
  • Xgard IR - with IR sensor
  • Xgard Bright - With display and electrochemical sensors, pellistors
  • Xgard IQ - Intelligent Detector and Transducer, with display and electrochemical sensors, pellistors
  • IRmax - with IR sensor

Special Detectors:

Control panels:


ETOx - Continuous Ethylene Oxide Analyzer

ETOx analyzerSystem for continuous ethylene oxide monitoring in technology and workplace areas. It enables to measure 1, 4, 6, 8 or 10 samples (in one-channel version) from various sample sites. The two-channel system enables double amount under the same sampling rate. 

Datasheet (Czech issue) is available here.


EVOQ GCTQ Brochure

EVOQ Triple QuadrupoleThe Gas Chromatographers’ Triple Quadrupole Detector

The EVOQ GC Triple Quadrupole (TQ) detector is a comprehensive solution for your most demanding gas chromatography applications. It delivers unrivalled bench-space savings, the result of an innovative ‘lens-free’, elliptical ionpath design that delivers ultra-high sensitivity and chemical noise reduction - performance you would expect when innovation merges with a legacy of reliability.

If you are seeking new solutions and real innovation, we invite you to experience the revolutionary design of the EVOQ GC-TQ system. The EVOQ GC-TQ delivers the performance you would expect from Bruker when true innovation is combined with an extensive legacy of reliability.

EVOQ LCTQ Brochure

EVOQ LC/MSLC/MS - liquid chromatograph - tiple quadrupole system

The EVOQ triple quadrupole for liquid chromatography (LC-TQ) was designed for a singular purpose—to reliably quantify thousands of real samples in the fastest sample-to-report time possible. It delivers exceptional sensitivity, precision, accuracy, linearity, and a wide dynamic range for your multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) assays. Innovations in software and atmospheric pressure ionization (API) technology make it a game changer for routine high-sensitivity, quantitative analysis in food, environmental, pharmacokinetics, forensic toxicology, and research markets.



Gas detection catalog

We would like to introduce our new detection catalog with up-to-date data from legislation and gas data. In the catalog you will also find new instruments of our suppliers with improved properties and devices that we have in our offer for a long time with unsurpassed properties.

The catalog is available for download here.Gas detection catalog

Gas Sample Bags - Brochure



Kinetex 2019

Kinetex 2019Have you got our new HPLC columns catalogue with core-shell technology? Download it here.

Kinetex Biphenyl

Kinetex BiphenylNew Kinetex Biphenyl HPLC columns offer selectivity that C18 cannot give you.

Kinetex EVO

Kinetex EVO Brochure

New Kinetex EVO HPLC columns are here. Download new borchure here.


Laboratory instruments

Catalogue of laboratory instrumentsCompany Chromservis have prepared a new brochure aimed at laboratory instruments. Contains information about spectrophotometers, dryers and incubators, centrifuges for laboratory supplies and various types of mixers and shakers. 

The catalog is available in a hardcopy (please, send us inquiry for it) or you can download it by clicking at the picture.

Luna 2016

Luna HPLC columnsHere you can download an updated catalogue of well recognized Luna HPLC columns.

Luna Omega

Luna Omega UHPLC columnPhenomenex launched Luna HPLC columns more than 20 ago. Since this time Luna became one of the most popular and respected brands in the area of HPLC.

Now new Luna Omega C18 comes and offers 1.6 µm particels for use in UHPLC instruments. Chromservis offers supplementary UHPLC fully porous columns together with proven core-shell technology -  Kinetex HPLC/UHPLC columns.

Brochure is available here.

Further details are avalabel here.

Lux Chiral Columns

New Lux i-Amylose-3 HPLC columns are here. Lux i-Amylose-3The brochure with the newest chiral phase Lux-i-Amylose-3 is available here.



Novum + Strata DE

Novum catalogueNOVUM - Simplify Your Liquid Extractions

Now you can alleviate the challenges associated with traditional liquid-liquid
extraction with Novum™ Simplified Liquid Extraction (SLE) (patent pending).

  • Faster and easier than liquid-liquid extraction
  • Easily automate to increase throughput
  • Avoid analyte loss due to emulsions
  • Process small and large sample volumes

New catalogue is available for download (6 219kB)


Strata DE

New SLE columns Strata DE are here. Download new brochure here.Strata DE




Rezex - Carbohydrate, Oligosaccharide, and Organic Acid Separations

  • Rezex brochureLong column lifetimes
  • Accurate, reproducible analysis.

Phenomenex Rezex HPLC ion-exclusion columns are guaranteed to give you the
performance you need. From drug formulation and excipient analysis to quality
control testing of finished food products, Rezex columns consistently provide
accurate and reproducible results.


NEW catalog Rxi-65TG is available for download by clicking on the picture.Rxi-65TG


Shodex catalogue

Katalog ShodexShowa provides a wide range of products to meet your analytical needs, from pretreatment and separation columns to calibration standards for size exclusion chromatography.


The Essential Systems & Consumables for High Performance LC Purification

Interchim FLASH brochureThis brochures includes 2 new systems for process purification: PuriFlash 535XL (it is actually the equivalent of the XS520 instrument but with higher performances in terms of pressure and flowrate: 35 bar and 400 mL/min) and puriFlash 5015XL (this one replaces the 5007 with also higher performances: 15 bar and 825 mL/min).


  • The PuriFlash 535XL with 400mL/min as maximum flow rate allows to  use F1600 columns (104 mmID) at the optimum flow rate (383mL/min)

  • With PuriFlash 5015XL , we are now offering 3KG Flash columns with C18 material (50µm, 30µm)

  • With a format of column 3KG , (150 mmID)  you can put > to 3.5 KG C18

The Essential Systems & Consumables for HPLC Purification

Flash chromatography brochureInterchim issued new Flash chromatography brochure - The Essentials & Consumables for High Performance LC Purification. You will find an information about Genius SW that offers:

  • TLC transfer method to FLASH
  • Genius method improvement
  • Optimal Flash conditions method setup

TOPAZ inlet liners

Linery TOPAZRestek launched new line of GC liners for the main GC brands - TOPAZ.liners.

  • deactivation
  • reproducibility
  • productivity

More information is available in the brochure - just click at the picture. If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Treff product guide

Nolato Treff AG, formerly named Treff AG, is the Swiss subsidiary of the Swedish Nolato Group. Since 1946 it has been intensively involved in the development and manufacture of high-quality components made from thermoplastic materials. Apart from the production of high precision plastic parts for the industrial, diagnostic and medical sector, DNA free laboratory products are manufactured and distributed globally by an agency network using the brand name TreffLab®. The company is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001 and ISO 22000.

There is his new product guide, click here.

Compatibility Treff Tips Pipettes of Competitors is here.

TreffLab ThermoCycler Compatibility List 96 384 PCR plates is here

Tubing and Fittings

Hamilton Tubings & FittingsDo you need a specific tubing or fitting, but you don’t know where to find it in our catalog?




Vicam Product Guide

Vicam 2015 Product guideVICAM’s mission is rooted in the fundamental human need for safe and abundant food supply. As awareness of the dangers of naturally occurring agricultural contaminants continues to grow, concern about the safety and quality of globally sourced food has become increasingly widespread. The need to routinely monitor for the occurrence of these contaminants
inspired VICAM’s commitment to the research, development, and worldwide distribution of advanced rapid diagnostic solutions for food safety. 

That is why VICAM introduced new Product Guide for Mycotoxine analysis. You can download it here (2.32MB)

VICI Jour 2018

Catalog VICI Jour is available for download by clicking on the picture. VICI Jour 2018

VICI Valco 2018

Catalog VICI Valco is available for download by clicking on the picture.  VICI Valco 2018


XS balances

Váhy XSWe are pleased to launch new XS series balance. Leaflet is available here.



YMC new catalogue

Katalog YMCYMC introduces new catalogue. You will find interesting news, like versatile and robust HPLC columns, supercritical fluid chromatography columns Alcyon SFC and many other products. Ask our sales managers for hard copy.

 Further information is available at YMC website.

YMC Triart HPLC columns

YMC Triart HPLC columnsChromatographers always seek to push the limits of HPLC columns to greater extremes to allow them to perform day-to-day with ever-changing pH, buffers and temperature ranges. The column for the laboratory of today must be suitable for harsh pH conditions in combination with high temperature ranges without sacrificing selectivity. In addition narrow, symmetrical peak shapes are necessary in order to cope with rapid analysis of demanding samples. This has required manufacturers to seek more innovative ways to produce suitable stationary phases.

In order to meet these goals, YMC has developed a new particle technology. This is based on a multi-layered particle produced via a tightly controlled granulation technology which has been adapted from micro-reactor technology. The revolutionary production technique provides a multi-layer silica-organic hybrid stationary phase, which provides an outstandingly narrow pore size and particle size distribution. This in turn, results in low back pressures and high loadability.


ZB-624 PLUS™

Phenomenex introduced new revolutionary GC phase ZB-624 PLUS™. Click at the picture to download the brochure.


ZB-FAME - the The Fast FAME GC Column

ZB-FAMEPhenomenex introduced new revolutionary GC phase ZB FAME. It was designed to move beyond the conventional to the
exceptional, Zebron™ GC columns come to life through a coupling of innovative spirit and technical excellence. As part of the Zebron Unlimited series of columns, Zebron ZB-FAME offers unparalleled performance through the power of targeted selectivity when analyzing fatty acid methyl esters (FAMEs).

  • Reduces traditional run times up to 75% (separation of 37 FAME compounds in 11 minutes!)
  • Improves separation of cis/trans FAME isomers
  • Suitable with AOAC, AOCS and IOC methods


Click at the picture to download the brochure.



Zebron PLUS GC Inlet Liners

Zebron PLUS linersPhenomenex introduces new liners for GC instruments. Every batch of Zebron PLUS liners is manufactured with a thick layer of vapor-deposited Zebron PLUS Deactivaton for the highest inertness.

Click at the picture to download the brochure.


β-Gone Rapid cleanup of hydrolyzed urine

β-Gone brochureβ-Gone β-Glucuronidase Removal Products are designed to target and remove β-glucuronidase from hydrolyzed urine samples without requiring additional time or method development.

In a single step and in less than 1 minute, your hydrolyzed samples are ready for

  • Increase HPLC/UHPLC Column Lifetime
  • Reduce Mass Spec Maintenance
  • Maintain the Selectivity of Your HPLC/UHPLC Colum

Click here to download the product information.

β-Gone Rapid cleanup of hydrolyzed urine

β-Gone brochureβ-Gone β-Glucuronidase Removal Products are designed to target and remove β-glucuronidase from hydrolyzed urine samples without requiring additional time or method development.

In a single step and in less than 1 minute, your hydrolyzed samples are ready for

  • Increase HPLC/UHPLC Column Lifetime
  • Reduce Mass Spec Maintenance
  • Maintain the Selectivity of Your HPLC/UHPLC Colum

Click here to download the product information.

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