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Amino Acid Analysis in Fish Feed (APK #530)NEW

Monitoring the concentration of amino acids in fish feed is critical to the health, growth and sustainability of aquaculture operations for several reasons. Firstly, fish feed should be rich in proteins, which are essential for fish growth and development. Further, certain amino acids play a crucial role in maintaining and enhancing the fish’s immune system, which helps them resist disease and reduce mortality rates. Monitoring ensures that fish feed contains all essential amino acids in the right proportions to avoid nutritional deficiencies that can lead to poor growth, deformities and increased susceptibility to disease.

Amino acids analysis in human blood serum (APK #506)

Amino acids play an important role in the life processes of human organism. They are using as building blocks for proteins and regulate a key metabolic pathways. Many kinds of mental disorders, liver and immune system diseases are related to metabolic disorders of amino acids. AAs profile, determined in human blood serum, is used for an early diagnostic of various diseases. This application shows amino acids profile in healthy human blood serum tested by LC-MS MetAmino® kit.

Amino acids analysis in human urine (APK #505)

Amino acids analysis in urine is excellent tool for identification of gastrointestinal and renal dysfunctions. It also may provide supportive information towards nutritional deficiencies of vitamins and minerals. MetAmino® kit provides a rapid, simple and precise method for the quantitative determination of wide panel of amino acids in urine. The test reflects recent diet and may be used to assess the impact of dietary changes.

Amino acids analysis in Tilapia sperm (APK #501)

Amino acids plays a valuable role in spermatogenesis, fertilization success and impactson survival of juvenile fish. This application shows amino acids profile in Tilapia sperm tested by LC-MS MetAmino® kit. The data give better understanding of adjustment in feeding ration needed to increase reproductive function and population of food fish species.