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Caffeine metabolites (APK #401)

The HPLC/UV method was developed, optimized and validated for the analysis of caffeine and its selected metabolites (1-methyluric acid, theobromine, paraxanthine, theophylline) in urine. The method is also used for the quantification of caffeine in various food samples.


Opioids and Tramadol and their metabolites by LC/MS (APK #349)

This application shows the LC/MS method for the most common opiates and their metabolites analyzed by toxicological labs.


Pyrrolizidine alkaloids in herbal tea (APK #350)

Pyrrolizidine alkaloids belong to a class of plant toxins, which are associated with diseases in human and animal bodies.


Tramadol by LC/MS (APK #364)

Tramadol is a centrally acting opioid analgesic belonging to the pharmacotherapeutic group of opioid analgesic. Tramadol is sometimes used in combination with Paracetamol to treat moderate to severe pain suffered by patients with various types of pain. This application has been developed to monitor right drug dosing.