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Herbicides by LC/MS (APK #357)

This application shows the separation of selected herbicides from the picolinic acid and phenoxyacetic acid family.


Photosynthetic pigments (APK #483)

This application shows the method of analysis of the main photosynthetics pigments in extracts of Hibiscus leaves and extract from cells of the algae Emiliania huxleyi. ASTRA® C18-HE column allows to achieve good separation of the pigments, which is always challenging.

Polar pesticides by LC-MS/MS

Polar pesticides are commonly used in agriculture. This application shows the LC-MS/MS method for simultaneous determination of highly polar pesticides paraquat, diquat, chlormequat and mepiquat.


Сhemicals of emerging concern in river water (APK #469)

The chemical pollution cause huge damage to the aquatic environment.The simultaneous determination of pollutants with different physico-chemical properties, such as pesticides, metabolites, personal care products, plastic-related chemicals is always challenging. The application shows a sensitive LC/MS method for fast determination of diverse group of pollutants in river water.