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Siltek Deactivation

Siltek vialsSiltek® is the most chemically inert surface by Restek. It is prepared through the same process as Sulfinert® treatment, and pricing is equal, but, for emphasis, we use the Sulfinert® name to describe inert surface specifically intended for sampling, storing, transferring, or analyzing parts-per-billion levels of active sulfur compounds (e.g., hydrogen sulfide). One of the more popular applications for Siltek® treatment is the passivation of inlet liners for gas chromatography, and the many GC applications performed using Siltek®-treated liners are a testament to the inertness of this surface.

If you're storing, transferring, or analyzing parts-per-billion levels of active sulfur compounds, chlorinated pesticides (especially endrin and/or 4,4’-DDT), semivolatile compounds, or other chemically active molecules, we recommend you request Siltek® treatment for your glass, stainless steel, steel, or high performance alloy system components.

Examples of Siltek®-treated systems and components include inlet seals for injection systems in gas chromatographs, and inlet liners for GC analysis of chlorinated pesticides.

Inertization types

Actually there exist 6 passivation techiques based on inertization of metaly surface by fused silica:

  • Silcosteel®
  • Siltek™
  • Sulfinert®
  • Silcosteel®-AC
  • Silcosteel®-CR
  • Silcosteel®-UHV

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