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AZURA® Bio purification

AZURA® Bio purification - the new standard of FPLCAZURA® Bio purification

Download catalog here.


Chromatography product guide 2022

Chromatography product guideWe have introduced a new Chromatogaphy Product Guide. Click the link below to download it.


ECO and ECOPLUS YMC glass columns

YMC Glass ColumnsYMC issued new brochure for ECO and ECOPLUS glass columns that became popular for various types of purifications.

EVOQ LCTQ Brochure

EVOQ LC/MSLC/MS - liquid chromatograph - tiple quadrupole system

The EVOQ triple quadrupole for liquid chromatography (LC-TQ) was designed for a singular purpose—to reliably quantify thousands of real samples in the fastest sample-to-report time possible. It delivers exceptional sensitivity, precision, accuracy, linearity, and a wide dynamic range for your multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) assays. Innovations in software and atmospheric pressure ionization (API) technology make it a game changer for routine high-sensitivity, quantitative analysis in food, environmental, pharmacokinetics, forensic toxicology, and research markets.


Hamilton - HPLC column catalog

Hamilton launched new catalogue of chromatography column. You can download it by clicking at the picture. Hamilton HPLC katalog


KNAUER - HPLC practice guide

Download practice guide here.HPLC practice guide



Shodex catalogue

Katalog ShodexShowa provides a wide range of products to meet your analytical needs, from pretreatment and separation columns to calibration standards for size exclusion chromatography.


VICI Jour 2018

Catalog VICI Jour is available for download by clicking on the picture. VICI Jour 2018


XAMS Membrane Suppressor

Membrane SuppressorNew XAMS brochure of membrane suppressor and accessories.


YMC - Bioinert columns for bioseparations and coordinating compounds

Below you will find information about the new bioinert columns for bioseparations.

YMC - Linear Scale-Up in Preparative LC Method Development

We have new technical note for you from company YMC about linear scaling up process.

A preview of the sheet music and downloadable pdf can be found below.

YMC - New (U)HPLC Troubleshooting Guide

Have you ever experienced problems with a new method?

Are your system suitability tests failing now for a method established years ago?
Is is your HPLC column dying too fast?

There are many possible reasons for these issues and their root cause can be hard to find. Our new (U)HPLC Troubleshooting Guide provides an easy breakdown of potential solutions for the most common issues in analytical liquid chromatography. With 40 pages of helpful tables, preventive measures and tips to eliminate unwanted effects on your analyses, this handbook is the perfect companion on your way to trouble-free routine results.

To get your digital copy of this compendium please download it here and make the first step to a problem-free routine.

YMC Chiral Columns

Download catalog here.YMC Chiral Columns

YMC Glass Columns

Download catalog here.YMC Glass Columns

New product videos for the ECO laboratory scale glass columns here.

New product videos for the ECOPLUS laboratory scale glass columns here.

YMC new catalogue

Katalog YMCYMC introduces new catalogue. You will find interesting news, like versatile and robust HPLC columns, supercritical fluid chromatography columns Alcyon SFC and many other products. Ask our sales managers for hard copy.

Further information is available at YMC website.

YMC Triart HPLC columns

YMC Triart HPLC columnsChromatographers always seek to push the limits of HPLC columns to greater extremes to allow them to perform day-to-day with ever-changing pH, buffers and temperature ranges. The column for the laboratory of today must be suitable for harsh pH conditions in combination with high temperature ranges without sacrificing selectivity. In addition narrow, symmetrical peak shapes are necessary in order to cope with rapid analysis of demanding samples. This has required manufacturers to seek more innovative ways to produce suitable stationary phases.

In order to meet these goals, YMC has developed a new particle technology. This is based on a multi-layered particle produced via a tightly controlled granulation technology which has been adapted from micro-reactor technology. The revolutionary production technique provides a multi-layer silica-organic hybrid stationary phase, which provides an outstandingly narrow pore size and particle size distribution. This in turn, results in low back pressures and high loadability.

YMC – Cannabis Testing

Download catalog here. YMC – Cannabis Testing