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This Whitepaper …
…is written for all chromatographers who deal with the analysis and / or purification of oligonucleotides. The focus is on anion exchange chromatography (AEX) and
ion pair reversed phase chromatography (IP-RP). For both modes, the main aspects are the selection of a suitable stationary and mobile phase as well as the optimum temperature.
Of course, the special features of the large-scale process are also taken into account.

In this whitepaper, you are guided through the following aspects:

  • Introduction to Therapeutic Oligonucleotides by Valentina D’Atri, PhD, University of Geneva
  • Separation Modes in Liquid Chromatography for Therapeutic Oligonucleotides
  • Anion Exchange Chromatography
  • Ion-Pairing Reversed Phase Chromatography
  • Important Considerations for Loadability and Scale-Up