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Endura-seals long lifetime septa

Endura-Seals are a new patented CRS alternative to typical silicone-rubber injection port septa for gas chromatography. They work in a 2-part sealing system that includes the septa and the sealing nut. The duckbill valve and wiper seal combination in the Endura-Seals is much more resistant to needle wear and tear than traditional pierced septa.


GC columns LION

We have published a new catalog of LION TM capillary columns for gas chromatography. You can choose from basic stationary phases, dedicated phases for sensitive and MS detectors, and phases with an increased maximum temperature. The catalog is available below.



NEW catalog Rxi-65TG is available for download by clicking on the picture.Rxi-65TG


Thermo Scientific Virtuoso

Virtuoso Vial Identifications SystemVirtuoso vial identification system.

TOPAZ inlet liners

Linery TOPAZRestek launched new line of GC liners for the main GC brands - TOPAZ.liners.

  • deactivation
  • reproducibility
  • productivity

More information is available in the brochure - just click at the picture. If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us.


VICI Valco 2018

Catalog VICI Valco is available for download by clicking on the picture. VICI Valco 2018