18.09.19New Service Remote Support

TeamViewerAs part of our ongoing improvement of our services, we introduced a new service - service/technical support through remote assistance. All you need to do is download TeamViewer to your computer to which you have our device connected.

This support is free of charge within the warranty period (in the case of a warranty intervention). Otherwise, the service is charged at our standard service rate.


  • Faster service technician intervention
  • Less expensive service - do not pay shipping costs

12.09.19New Flash Chromatography Brochure

Flash chromatography brochureWe are pleased to inform you about the launch of two new FLAS systems:

  • PuriFlash 535XL with 35 bar and 400 mL/min
  • PuriFlash 5015XL, we are now offering 3KG Flash columns with C18 material (50µm, 30µm)

The brochure can be downloaded here.


02.08.19Improved EDGE 4+ sound level meters

Edge 4+The TSI Quest™ Edge 4+ Noise Dosimeter allows users to monitor personal noise exposure levels in real-time with a mobile application. The ability to monitor from a safe distance allows workers to continue tasks, without interruption.
The Edge 4+ Personal Noise Dosimeters are powerful and intuitive instruments designed for identifying hearing loss threats in all environments.

Other features

  • Bluetooth option syncs to the Edge 4+ mobile app for total management of the dosimeter
  • Compact, 3-ounce (85 grams) unit mounts easily to the shoulder
  • Large color OLED display for easy reading
  • LED dose indicator flashes when dose level has been exceeded
  • Equipped with two independent dosimeters that can simultaneously measure against separate industry standards
  • Configurable auto display shut off for increased battery life

04.07.19AALBORG Wieloparametrowe sterowniki / przepływomierze

Aalborg wprowadza nowe kontrolery masy DPC i wieloprzepływowe przepływomierze masowe DPM DPC a DPM

DPC / DPM ma następujące zmiany w porównaniu z innymi urządzeniami Aalborg:

  • wyższa dokładność
  • pokazują zarówno masowy, jak i objętościowy przepływ, ciśnienie i temperaturę
  • możliwość przechowywania większej ilości gazów (do 90 gazów i mieszanin)
  • zasada pomiaru: różnica ciśnień na specjalnie zaprojektowanych ogranicznikach


We would like to introduce new radiello products from Restek for pasive air sampling. These samplers are a reliable, cost-effective alternative that offers both high sensibility for low-level detection in short sampling periods, as well as higher capacity so accurate results can be obtained over longer samples times. These air samplers are available for a wide range of chemical classes, so the choice of sampling material can be tailored to specific applications.

If you need more technical details for Radiello: https://www.restek.com/pdfs/radiello-manual.pdf

Product Page: https://www.restek.com/pdfs/GNSS2960-UNV.pdf


průtokoměr Chek-MateNew Chek-Mate calibrators not only for Airchek sampling pumps, We have two models:

  • 20 - 500 ml/min
  • 500 - 5000 ml/min

Top reason why to buy this model:

  • moderne, precise and easy to operate flowmetr - only one button
  • Calcheck connection available
  • built in sensor to adjust for changes temperature and atmospheric pressure
  • continously updatet display
  • lightweight, small and easy to operate
  • 9 V battery operation
  • no moving parts, use in any direction
  • internal filters protects component from dust



03.05.19Potężny generator wodoru - zamiennik cylindrów

Chcielibyśmy przedstawić nowy, potężny generator czystego wodoru z serii NM H2 Plus.

Korzyści: Potężny generator wodoru

  • wydajność urządzenia 1350 ml / min
  • unikalny opatentowany automatyczny system suszenia
  • system bezobsługowy


09.04.19Xgard Bright Detector


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