Membránový filter, MCE, 0.8 µm, priemer 47 mm, bez mriežky, 100 ks

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Katalógové číslo: F*A080A047A

Membrane filters – Mixed Cellulose Esters (MCE), Non-sterile

  • Composition: Mixed cellulose esters includes cellulose nitrate, also known as nitrocellulose, and cellulose acetate
  • High porosity: Provides superior flow rates
  • High protein binding: Can be blocked by pretreatment or utilized in applications
  • High purity: Triton-free and non reactive to pyrogens
  • Autoclavable: Withstands autoclaving temperatures up to 130°C without adversely affecting bubble point, flow rate or microbiological


  • Rapid wetting time: < 3 seconds to wet a 47 mm diameter disc with aqueous 1% methylene blue
  • Standard membranes for many laboratory applications including filter biologocal fluids,

    contamination analysis and air monitoring

  • Can be transparentized to view collected particles using compatible liquid (immersion oil, toluene)

select Opticlear membranes for the „hot block“ acetone vapor method

  • filters available with grid and plain

More information you can find here


  • 47mmPriemer filtra
  • 0.8µmPorosity


  • MCEMateriál membrány
  • Bez mriežkyMriežka filtra

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