CHS FermPro S 120 mm, S8 connector - process sensor

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Catalog number: CHS-5621-A0S8

Main features pH sensor CHS FermPro S8

  • suitable for demanding applications in chemistry (eg color, organics), pharmacy, fermentations
  • glass S is suitable for applications where the sample has a low temperature (glass membrane S shows very low resistance)
  • stable signal after SIP and CIP
  • minimum drift during the measurement
  • pre-presuride electrolyte Chromolyte
  • very robust diaphragm

„CHS FermPro“ is a trademark of Chromservis s.r.o.


  • 120mmSensor length
  • PG 13,5Process connection


  • pHPhys. property
  • Maintenance freeMaintenance
  • General useATEX
  • S8Electrical connection


  • SkloSensor material
  • SpH glass
  • CeramicDiaphragm
  • Ag/AgCl-IBReference system
  • Pre-pressurisedElectrolyte
  • -Temperature sensor

Operating conditions

  • 0 - 6barOperating pressure
  • 0 - 100°COperating temperature
  • 0 - 14pHMeasuring range (pH)

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