CHS Cultro Dart, laboratory SS sensor excluding knife, S7 connector

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Catalog number: CHS-5714-NNS-0

CHS Cultro Dart is a puncture laboratory electrode equipped with a knife. It is intended for pH measurement in food industry, especially in products with higher hardness. The stainless steel blade protects the tip of the electrode from damage when it is injected into the sample. The advantage is that the knife is fixed to the electrode by means of a thread, so that when replacing the electrode it is not necessary to buy a complete electrode but a cheaper electrode without a knife.

The electrode utilizes open pore technology (has two of these diaphragms) and a poylemer electrolyte. It is a robust and versatile design for heavier matrices where there is a risk of blockage of the ceramic diaphragm.

Note: this model does not include a knife.

Technical parameters
Length of thick part 52 mn + 5 mm thread
Length of the narrower 35 mm
The diameter of the narrower part 6 mm


  • pHPhys. property
  • Maintenance freeMaintenance
  • S7Electrical connection


  • 2 Open PoresDiaphragm
  • Ag coatedReference system
  • PolymerElectrolyte
  • -Temperature sensor
  • Glass/SteelShaft material

Operating conditions

  • 0 - 60°COperating temperature
  • 0 - 14pHMeasuring range (pH)

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