ARION® 5 mm cartridges for Guard System, RP 1.7 µm, ID 2.1 mm, 3 pcs

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Catalog number: AGS-5731-RA2

Arion Guard System (AGS) is universal guard system, which can be connected nearly to any HPLC column hardware on the market. It easy to use and it offers the shortest retention time shift of analytes in comparison to other major manufacturers. The AGS consists for Guard holder and guard cartridge, which is offered with various silica materials according to stationary phase in HPLC/UHPLC column used.

Higher sorbent bed (5 × 4 mm ID) offers raised capacity without a need of coupling two cartridges together. This additionally ensures lower running costs.

Main benefits

  • Universal – virtually to any column
  • The lowest influence on retention times compare to other guard systems
  • Small size for easier installation in the HPLC/UHPLC column oven
  • Any orientation of the cartridge
  • Pressure rating up to 900 bars
  • No need to use 2 cartridges with connection ring for enhanced capacity


  • 2.1mmID


  • UHPLCGuard Column Type

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