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20. 02. 2024

Analytica 2024

Next year will be full of events. We plan to participate in the main domestic and international trade fairs focused on analytical technology and laboratory equipment.

We glad to invite you to our booth at:

ANALYTICA 2024 – 09-12/04/2024 München booth A2.235


LIamaJET direct printing technology for automating labware labeling will be presented.


25. 01. 2024

Chemistry and Biology of Phytohormones and Related Substances 2024

Join us in May 26-28, 2024 at conference Chemistry and Biology of Phytohormones and Related Substances 2024. The conference focus on new growth regulators and other bioactive substances. The results of development of new methods of their analysis will be presented.


12. 01. 2024

Workshop in flash chromatography

We would like to announce a further Workshop in flash chromatography. The course is designed to provide a thorough introduction of use chromatograph puriFlash 5.250 from Interchim. The chromatograph is constructed both for routine purification and for more complex isolation of substances.

25th - 27th March 2024, Laboratory of Chromservis s.r.o, Jakobiho 327, 109 00 Praha 10

Registration: prodej@chromservis.eu

09. 01. 2024

Product change notification

From the 15th of January 2024 the design of several models of exhaust filters will be changed. These changes do not influence any quality characteristics, such as lifetime, capacity, shelf-life and adsorbent weight.


02. 01. 2024

Application of mass spectrometry in clinical diagnostics

At the facilities of the Faculty of Science of Palacký University Olomouc will take place seminar on application of mass spectrometry methods in clinical diagnostics.

Olomouc, 13th - 14th May 2024

More information in brochure

02. 01. 2024

Vials and accessories

02. 01. 2024


02. 01. 2024


02. 01. 2024

Gas and liquid chromatography

Cat. C. Name of a product Amount Cat. price Special price
723501.25 GC capillary, untreated, uncoated 0.53 mm ID, 25 m 2 7870 5646
SGE*0726563 Ferule GVS-I-004-for Shimadzu MS QP5000 (NC), 10 pcs 2 2216 1358

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02. 01. 2024

Pipette tips



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Pipette Tips clear, 0.5-20 ul, 96 pcs in PP box




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