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10.04.17SPME Arrow

Solid phase microextraction (SPME) fibers and Arrows are used to extract organic compounds from solid, liquid, and vapor matrices onto a stationary phase that is bonded to a fused silica fiber or to a stainless steel tube, respectively. New Restek PAL SPME Arrows have several advantages over traditional SPME fibers, in that Restek PAL SPME Arrows have larger stationary phase volumes and greater mechanical stability.

Restek SPME Arrow

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13.04.16New Luna Omega

Luna Omega UHPLC column

Phenomenex launched Luna HPLC columns more than 20 ago. Since this time Luna became one of the most popular and respected brands in the area of HPLC.

Now new Luna Omega C18 comes and offers 1.6 µm particels for use in UHPLC instruments. Chromservis offers supplementary UHPLC fully porous columns together with proven core-shell technology -  Kinetex HPLC/UHPLC columns. Click at the picture to know more.


KromaClone can replace KromasilKromaClone™ is new HPLC column, which can replace Kromasil® HPLC column.

  • Guaranteed* direct replacement to Kromasil® based columns
  • Significant cost savings

20.11.15Sky Liners Guarantee

Sky_GuaranteeTrue Blue Performance

Exceptionally inert Sky® inlet liners with state-of-the-art deactivation improve trace-level analysis — and now come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

More details are available True Blue Performance.

19.10.15Hamilton HDHT syringes

HDHT SyringeHamilton introduces a new headspace syringe featuring a unique Glue-Free (GF) needle attachment in combination with the well-known High Dynamic (HD) plunger designed specifically for PAL COMBI–xt Headspace Autosamplers.

Benefits of Hamilton HDHT headspace syringes
  • Glue-Free needle attachment is chemically inert, eliminating detached needles due to contact with organic, and chlorinated solvents
  • Glue-Free needle attachment minimizesghost peaks
  • Temperature stability up to 200°C means a wider range of sample components can be analyzed
  • Patented spring-in-plunger design creates a dynamic seal between the plunger tip and the inside of the glass barrel for leak-free operation

15.04.15NEW Rxi®-1301Sil MS Columns

Rxi-1301Sil MS columnsCyano-based 1301 columns are general use GC columns that are well suited for the analysis of solvents across a range of volatilities. The cyano stationary phase provides more retention of polar compounds than a 5-type column; however, cyano-based stationary phases are prone to high bleed and poor robustness, limiting their utility. The new Rxi®-1301Sil MS column from Restek is a silarylene-based cyano stationary phase that not only offers the column selectivity needed for analyzing less volatile compounds, but also provides stable column chemistry which results in lower column bleed and improved robustness

  • Highest thermal stability in the industry ensures dependable, accurate MS results and increased uptime.
  • Stabilized cyano phase selectivity improves the performance of existing methods. Ideal for solvents, glycols, and other polar compounds.
  • Rigorous QC testing ensures inertness and accurate, reliable data for multiple compound classes.
  • Maximum temperature: up to 320°C

27.03.15Хроматография Modeler

Хроматография Modeler Пытались ли вы EZGC хроматографии модельер из ведущих производителей кварцевого и металлообработка капиллярных колонках РЕСТЭК ? Это полезный инструмент Самый простой способ, чтобы начать работу с развитием ваших аналитических методов! Просто введите имя одного или нескольких соединений и искать подходящий хроматографической колонки. Этот инструмент может быть использован в режиме онлайн на сайте производителя или вы можете загрузить на свой ПК применения. Посетите следующий веб-сайт для получения более подробной информации .


Novum Phenomenex вводит новый метод извлечения. SLE (S implified L iquid xtraction е) метод, который упрощает извлечение сложных образцов с синтетическим křemeliny.Syntetická кизельгура, в отличие от природного материала преимуществом, что она является относительно симметричные частицы с характерными обеспечения поведение повторяемость при добыче.

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