Thermal desorption tube, Carbograph 1TD 60/80 (Carbopack™ B 60/80), Inert Stainless, conditioned, 1pc

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Camsco utilizes an innovative, field- and lab-proven labeling and identification system which is designed to simplify product tracking and ensure error-free data retrieval in your LIMS. Camsco is the first to offer a permanent barcode on all metal and centerless ground glass tubes at no cost to our clients – while providing a laser/ceramic banding format for one-glance tube identification.

Camsco ATD tube for Thermal desorption instruments:

  • Dani
  • Perkin Elmer
  • Markes
  • Shimadzu


  • Thermal desorptionExtraction method
  • Dani / Markes / Perkin-Elmer / ShimadzuTD Manufacturer

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