Nitrogen Generator Mini Whisper, 10Nl/min

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Nitrogen Generator Mini Whisper

The Mini-Whisper Nitrogen Generator has been developed to meet specific requirements in terms of flow, purity and pressure on some LCMS interfaces as well as on light scattering evaporative detector. The simple high efficiency membrane technology allows the separation of nitrogen from the other components of the compressed air inlet. The low pressure drop allows the unit to be connected to an existing dry and oil-free compressed air source in the lab.

On the inlet there are two coalescent filters for separation of water and oil aerosols from compressed air, removing particles down to 0.01 micron. Next stage is active carbon filter removing moiety and another contaminants from air. During membrane separation technique, compressed air is forced through a hollow fiber membrane, with selective permeation of the different components – nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, water vapor and traces of rare gases – depending on the rate of diffusion. The rate of diffusion of nitrogen through the membrane is slower than the other components, which thus flow outside of the fiber membrane. Just nitrogen remains inside which is then subsequently discharged, ready for use.

Cost savings

Gas bottles are insufficient to ensure good lab productivity. With Mini Whisper, no pipeline is required to carry the gas from the storeroom to the lab. The nitrogen generator investment can normally be paid back in less than a year.

Improved Safety

Nitrogen produced at low pressure and at room temperature eliminates the risks relating to high pressure gas bottle use and the handling of liquid nitrogen.

Simple Installation

The Mini-Whisper Nitrogen Generator is very easy to install in the lab. No power connection is required| Bench-top or wall-mounted installation to save bench space.

Technical specification
Max. nitrogen flowrate 8–12 Nl/min
Nitrogen purity > 99.0%
Nitrogen dewpoint –40°C
Max. nitrogen pressure 7 bar
Residual particulate < 0.01 μm
Input air flowrate > 80 l/min
Input air pressure 5–8 bar
Input air humidity < 90%
Pressure drop < 0.8 bar (10 psig)
Operating temperature 10–35°C
Air compressor Not included
Power requirements None
Output connection G 1/4“
Dimensions (WxDxH) 348×350×735 mm
Weight 8 Kg


  • 10l/minMax. flowrate
  • N2Генерируется газ

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