Gasmaster 1, input module for 4-20mA and fire detectors

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Catalog number: GMS-1-10-EUR-C

Gasmaster is the flexible and simple to use solution wherever you need a self-contained control panel to monitor gas or fire hazards. It combines extensive features and outstanding performance to suit all applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Large LCD display: provides simultaneous display of all channels and multi-lingual alarm/fault messages.
  • Modbus communications: enables fast transfer of all data to SCADA/DCS systems via a two-wire link.
  • Event log function: allows previous alarms and faults to be checked.
  • Monitored relay coils: enhance the integrity of the product.
  • Configurable relays: relays can be set to suit any site operating requirements
  • ‘Calibration Due’ warning: Gasmaster informs when a service is due.
  • Full push-button operation: all operation, calibration and test functions are performed using the key pad; to save you time.


  • 4-20 mAInput

Operating conditions

  • Paměť pro ukládání událostíData logginng
  • na výběrAnalogue output
  • 1Number of channels

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