Dryer Nafion, 1 tube 0.07", 144" length, fluorocar. shell/fittings

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Catalog number: MD-070-144F

Gas Dryer MD-Series

Perma Pure MD™-Series gas dryers use exclusive Nafion selectively permeable membrane tubing to continuously dry gas streams removing only water vapor. These dryers operate over a wide range of temperatures, pressures and flow rates, and dry to dew points as low as –45°C. MD-Series gas dryers transfer moisture from one gas stream to a counter-flowing purge gas stream, much like a shell-and-tube heat exchanger transfers heat. Water molecules permeate through the Nafion tube wall, evaporating into the purge gas stream. The water concentration differential between the two gas streams drives the reaction, quickly drying the air or gas. Purge gas should be dry (-40°C dew point) air or other gas. If no dry gas is available, a portion of the gas dried by the MD-Series dryer can act as the purge gas in a split-stream or reflux method.

  • Dries continuously
  • Removes only water vapour
  • Achieves low dew points
  • Requires no electricity
  • No moving parts
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Low pressure drop

Perma Pure offers three MD-Series dryer product lines as follows:

Model MD-050 MD-070 MD-110
Nafion tube O.D. 0.053" 0.072" 0.108"
Nafion tube I.D. 0.042" 0.060" 0.086"
Lengths 12", 24", 48", 72" 12", 24", 48", 72", 96", 144" 12", 24", 48", 72", 96", 144"
Housing materials SS, PP or FC SS, PP or FC SS, PP or FC
Max.flow rate 0.2 l/min 2 l/min 4 l/min.

PP – polypropylene FC – fluorocarbon SS – stainless steel

Technical specification
purge fittings 1/4" compression
sample fittings 1/4" compression


  • 144"Nafion Length
  • 1Nafion tubes

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