Аналоговый встряхивающий шейкер, 1-75 об/мин, 0-15 °, емкость 7,3 кг по центру, модель SHRK07AL1

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Rocking & Waving Shakers The OHAUS Analog Rocking Shaker is an easy and economical option for all of your rocking needs. The Rocking Shaker is ideal for cell culture and blotting applications and is designed to be used in a variety of environmental conditions. Rocker is supplied with an 35.6 × 27.9 cm non-skid rubber mat.

Operating Features:

  • Low Profile Design: Takes up less bench space and fits into most hoods and incubators. Two-tier option increases the capacity with the same footprint and provides a 8.9 cm clearance between platforms.
  • Microprocessor Control: The microprocessor control provides tilt adjustment which allows user to easily adjust rocking angle from 0 to 15° while unit is operating. Smooth speed control with low speed rocking motion.
  • Independent Control Knobs: Independent control knobs for speed, tilt, and time, allow for easy adjustments.

Safety Features:

  • Overload Protection: Audible signal will activate when system detects an obstruction or overload of the tray.
  • Speed Ramping Feature: Slowly increases speed to desired set-point to avoid splashing.
  • Timer: Timer will automatically stop rocking motion when timer reaches zero.

Operating Conditions: Unit can be run in cold rooms, incubators, and CO2 environments from –10 to 60°C, maximum 80% relative humidity, non-condensing.

Applications: Staining and destaining gels, hybridization procedures, hematology, and blotting techniques.

Parameter Value
Speed range 1 to 75 rpm
Tilt Angle 0 to 15°
Timer 1 to 120 min
Maximum weight capacity 7,3 kg
Tray material Alumunium
External dimensions (w x d x h) 425 × 279 × 140 mm
Weight 7kg

Условия эксплуатации

  • s kývavým pohybemMovement
  • 75ot./min.Shaking speed
  • 7.3kgMax. load

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