1001 LTN 1mL Syringe (22/51/3)

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Catalog number: 81316

This syringe is for use with gases and liquids and incorporates a cemented needle and TEFLON PTFE-tipped plunger. The needle is cemented into the conical glass luer tip of the barrrel at a point corresponding to the zero graduation mark. Plunger is replaceable.

  • volume: 1 ml
  • gauge: 22
  • needle length: 51 mm
  • point style: 3

Technical parameters

Accuracy 1% of nominal volume
Precision 1% at 80% of total scale volume


  • 51mmNeedle length
  • 1000µlVolume (µl)
  • 22Gauge


  • ManuálníSyringe Use
  • 1000Series
  • GastightSyringe Type
  • Luer Tip Cemented (LTN)Needle Termination

Needle type

  • PST 3 (Blunt)Tip Style

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