10 ml Crimp Headspace Vials Round bottom, 100pcs

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Catalog number: CHS-10-CCL-RB

10 ml CHS vial for headspace autosamplers

CHS vial is intended to be used with the most common headspace autosamplers worldwide, DANI – with models Master, HSS8650, and their OEM version under the code G1888 anad 7694E. Because CHS vial has got rounded bottom, it is compatible with other headspace autosamplers, eg. CTC Analytics (PAL Combi), HTA, Perkin Elmer and Agilent (7697A).

Compatibility with hadspace autosamplers
  • Master SHS
  • HSS8650
  • G1888
  • 7694E
  • HT200H
  • HT280T
  • CTC PAL Combi
  • 7967A
  • Turbomatrix (HS-16, HS-40, HS-110)
  • HT3
Technical parameters:
Parameter Specification
Nominal volume 10 ml
Max. capacity 11,2 ml
Dimensions 22×46 mm
Neck diameter 12 mm
Glass type clear, class I


  • 10mlVial Volume (ml)
  • HeadspaceCap


  • Crimp-TopVial Type
  • ClearColour
  • Without labelVial label
  • RoundedBottom

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