0.5BR-7 0.5µl Syringe

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Catalog number: SGE*000310
NanoVolume Syringes
  • With the ability to inject down to 50nL with high precision and accuracy, SGE NanoVolume Syringes are perfect for nanovolume capillary chromatography injection.
  • The sample is only drawn up into the needle, not the syringe barrel. When the plunger is depressed, the sample is completely dispensed by the NanoVolume plunger that extends right to the tip of the needle.
  • The plungers and needles are matched sets and must be replaced as a set.

RAX syringes have repeating adaptor for increased precision and reproducibility


  • 70mmNeedle length
  • 0.5µlVolume (µl)
  • 23Gauge


  • ManuálníSyringe Use
  • Removable (RN)Needle Termination

Needle type

  • PST 5 (Conical)Tip Style

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