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Hamilton - Syringe Care and Use Guide

Hamilton syringes are the finest quality precision fluid measuring devices available. Top quality materials and skilled workmanship ensure Hamilton syringes consistently deliver the highest possible performance for reliable analyses. With proper care and handling, Hamilton syringes provide unsurpassed performance year after year.

This guide covers daily syringe use along with safety information and troubleshooting tips. Start by reviewing the syringe schematics and the Daily Use Protocol. Detailed explanations follow the Daily Use Protocol.

For manual dispenses, our syringes are accurate to within ±1% of nominal volume with a precision of 1% at 80% of the total volume. The fluid path of a Hamilton syringe is designed to be chemically inert with stainless steel, borosilicate glass and PTFE used for most syringes. N.I.S.T traceable certification is available as an additional service for the majority of the syringes in our product line.

Syringes and needles manufactured by Hamilton Company are intended for scientific research and laboratory use only and are not intended for human in vivo use.