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Scientific articles

Arion Polar C18 column

Vendula Kubickova, Zuzana Racova, Jan Strojil, Petr Santavy and Karel Urbanek, Separation of ampicillin on polar-endcapped phase: Development of the HPLC method to achieve its correct dosage in cardiac surgery, Acta Chomatographica 35 (2023) 1, 1-9. Link to the article

Arion Plus C18 column

M. Brenkus, P. Tölgyessy, V. Koperová Návojová, M. Kirchner, S. Hrouzková, Determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, phthalate esters, alkylphenols and alkyphenol ethoxylates in sediment using simultaneous focused ultrasound solid–liquid extraction and dispersive solid-phase extraction clean-up followed by liquid chromatography, Microchemical Journal 200 (2024) 110299

ARION columns

  • M. Mžika, N. Váňová, M. Kriegelstein, M. Hroch, Differential adsorption of an analyte and its D4, D5 and 13C6 labeled analogues combined with instrument-specific carry-over issues: The Achilles' heel of ibrutinib TDM, Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis 206 (2001). Link to the article.