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MS analyzers from Bruker Applied Science

Applied mass spectrometry is evolving to where customers require simplied, robust, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable workflows. Bruker provides MS analyzers for full range of applications.

The EVOQ triple quadrupole (TQ) detector is a comprehensive solution for the most demanding gas chromatography applications. The EVOQ GC-TQ utilizes an innovative „lens-free“ elliptical ion-path design that delivers ultra-high sensitivity and chemical noise reduction.

The unique triple-quad (TQ) mass spectrometer EVOQ DART-TQ+ is reliable, high-speed workhorse enables straightforward routine assay workflows from simplified tuning and method development through data analysis and report generation for improved lab efficiency and productivity. With the first and only integrated DART ionization source, chromatography-free workflows can be easily implemented making the EVOQ DART-TQ+ MS even more productive and economical to operate.

TargetScreener HR provides reliable, simultaneous detection and quantitation of multiple targets in a large variety of different matrices. One decision for GC and LC workflows.