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Crowcon - datasheets

Crowcon is a manufacturer and supplier of gas detectors and control panels. Detector T4

You can download product-specific datasheets below in Czech language:

Portable Detectors:

  • Gasman - Personal single channel detector
  • T4x - personal four-channel diffusion detector
  • GasPro TK - personal four-channel detector - diffuse or with pump
  • GasPro - personal five channel detector - diffuse or with pump

Fixed Detectors:

  • Xgard - With electrochemical sensors, pellistors and TCD
  • Xgard IR - with IR sensor
  • Xgard Bright - With display and electrochemical sensors, pellistors
  • XSafe Bright CO2 - With display for CO2 without ATEX
  • Xgard IQ - Intelligent Detector and Transducer, with display and electrochemical sensors, pellistors
  • IRmax - with IR sensor

Special Detectors:

  • LaserMethane Smart - laser methane detector

Control panels:

  • Gasflag - single channel
  • Gasmaster - one to four channel
  • Vortex - single to twelve-channel
  • GM - flexible modular addressable control panel for up to 128 channels