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ChromatographyChromatography is a separation technique mostly employed in chemical analysis. Nevertheless it is also used for preparative purposes, particularly for the isolation of relatively small amounts of materials that have comparatively high value. Chromatography is probably the most powerful and versatile technique. In a single step process it can separate a mixture into its individual components and simultaneously provide an quantitative estimate of each constituent.


New step in LC particle technology - "core-shell" technology

Are you interested to improving your speed without sacrfiyng resolution? Would you like to improve your separation resolution and efficiency? Ask us and we will help you to solve it.



The first scientist who recognize chromatography as an efficient method of separation was the Russian botanist Tswett , who used a simple form of liquid-solid chromatography to separate a number of plant pigments. The colored bands he produced on the adsorbent bed evoked the term chromatography for this type of separation.


We offer wide range of products for GC, GC/MS-TOF, analytical, semipreparetive and process HPLC. Here is list of manufacturers distributed by our company:

  • Bruker - Triple Quadrupole (TQ) systems - GC TQ MS, LC TQ MS
  • Dani - GC and GC/MS systems, thermal desorption, static and dynamic headspace
  • DataApex - chromatography software
  • Knauer - HPLC, ULC, SMB