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Oligonucleotides Purification

The demand for purified and characterized nucleic acids and oligonucleotides has increased tremendously over the last few years due to widespread use of molecular biology techniques in drug discovery. There have been developed novel separation solutions, such as Clarity BioSolutions, for synthetic DNA and RNA based on the industry’s purity, capacity, and recovery requirements.

Clarity QSP

  • Sample preparation method

  • > 90% typical purities and yields for both DNA & RNA

  • Purify oligos ranging from 10 – 100nt

  • Simple three-step process delivers highly purified DNA/RNA in minutes

Clarity Oligo RP

  • Reversed phase HPLC columns for high purity oligonucleotides

  • Easily separates n-1 failure synthetic sequences from target with 95% purities

  • Preparative dimensions for capacities > 1 µmole

Clarity Desalting Tubes

  • Sample preparation method

  • C18, silica-based material delivers 70% typical purity by removing salt and excess reagent

  • Economical, disposable tubes

  • Removes salt prior to MS analysis or post IEX separation

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