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CHS UVSens photometer for COD measurement

CHS UVSens is a small and light photometer designed for measuring organic water pollution. Measurement of water quality parameters takes place on the basis of absorbed light with a wavelength of 254 nm .

  • A complex mixture of organic components, commonly found in water, causes problems in water management
  • Many of these substances absorb UV radiation of 254 nm
  • We can determine these substances by means of radiation absorption
  • CHS UVSens – fast and safe optical measurement

Important concepts

UVT Amount of light passed through the sample = transitance
UVA Amount of light absorbed = absorbance [2-log 10 (UVT)]
SAC 254 Spectral absorption coefficient (UV 254)
SUV Specific UV absorbance (UVA/DOC)

The photometer allows two-point calibration. Calibration, or the conversion of the UV 254 nm absorbance value to the required total parameter depends on the composition/origin of the water.

  • Different locations require their own calibrations
  • Some locations may need multiple calibrations depending on changing conditions (e.g. season)