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Eutech - CyberScan 6000 Series S-Image reinstallation

System Recovery using SD card

About S-Image Software

S-Image is a system image re-installation software pre-installed in all CyberScan 6000 series meters. It works in tandem with a system recovery SD card, which is included along with your meter. This SD card contains the exact copy of your system software, allowing S-Image to restore your system within minutes in the event of a major system failure.

When is S-Image Recovery Applicable?

Improper shutdowns, power spikes and leakages in the flash cell can lead to software system failures. During such failures, your meter may sound a beep upon start-up without its screen lighting up.

Usually, meters with software system failures have to be sent back to the supplier for system software reloading. With S-Image and the recovery SD card, users can instantly restore their meter systems from failure on their own.

After a system recovery, all factory calibrated values are retained and parameters settings are reset to factory default values. Therefore, restoration of system image does not affect the meter’s performance.

Whole procedure is written in this document Eutech - CyberScan6000_S-Recovery.pdf